For most strip club enthusiasts, the word etiquette is quite overlooked. Although strip dancing is practically a nude activity for strippers, it is does not mean that they are bereft of dignity. In fact, they only reason strippers dance bare is to entice you with their curves and give you a show worth your while. Nonetheless, this does not warrant disrespect or morose treatment from you.

It is not polite to approach a stripper like a piece of meat on sale just because she is as naked as anyone can be. Approaching a stripper is quite awkward for most people, but it does not really have to be. If all you see on stage is a naked body, then you are off track already. As much as the feminine physique is enticing to look at, the dancer entertaining you is as much human as you. The bottom line is to be courteous with your advances. Do not come overly aggressive like you are demanding a cold beer from a waitress for the second or third time after drinking down a bottle-full of whiskey there before. As much as strippers are naked in front of you, it does not mean it is acceptable for you to grab them.

You should approach gently and initiate eye contact just like you do in other social circles and ask for permission to engage. If you want to touch a stripper, you will actually enjoy it and she will let you do it if you act properly and ask for it politely. In fact, going out wildly and grabbing a stripper can get you thrown out by bouncers or make you mistaken for a rogue drunkard. Strippers are in strip clubs for your enjoyment, it simply takes a little moderation to have your way with them.

Asking is always welcome. Strippers appreciate politeness like other people in different professions. Whatever your wish may be, the general rule is to just ask politely like a gentleman. However, you do not need to be coy or shy about it. Strippers do not like coy guys and won’t take you seriously. You need to be confident and express yourself firmly without flinching an eye. Note, strippers are on the dance floor mainly for the pay that comes with it. They do not want to waste any opportunity to be paid for the dancing performances they put out there. Being shy is not a good sign and they will just ignore you if you throw shy eyes and gestures without actually saying or asking what you want.