Planning on giving good head? Men love blowjobs. They really do, you probably know that by now. It’s one of the most stimulating acts you can perform on a man. Conversely, many women hate giving blowjobs. Some look at it like a chore that needs to be done every once in a while because he wants it. Some feel it to be too submissive an action, and others just find it to be, well, gross. Its amazing that 90% of women have no idea what it takes to giving good head.

First of all, reciprocity is key to any relationship, sexual or otherwise. There’s some give and take involved, and all I can suggest is to try to keep it interesting for yourself as well as your partner so you don’t dread it. Second of all, giving oral is one of the most dominant sexual acts you can do. You are in total control, whether you tease him with light licks of your tongue or go all in (pun intended).

As for the grossness factor, yes, it’s a trifle uncomfortable, but don’t take in more than you can handle. Trust me, he doesn’t want to hear gagging any more than you want to feel it. Communication is key. So now that we’ve pushed the protests aside, let’s concentrate on technique. A lot of women just kind of wing it when it comes to oral sex, and most guys won’t bother to instruct them on the finer points because they’re just so happy to be getting any at all! Here are some tips to finesse your blowjob technique.

1. Be BOLD, be confident. There’s nothing sexy about timidity- his member is not going to bite you! Go in there and do your thing, and be sure to make eye contact.

2. Give him your complete undivided attention. Giving head can be repetitive and boring. If you find yourself thinking about other things and having him shout in pain because you accidentally uncovered your teeth, shake things up. Try different techniques not only for him, but to keep you interested as well. Besides, if the tables were turned and he was performing the oral while distracted by something else, you’d be pissed.

3. Spend some time teasing him. A quick lick and suck is not going to do it. Take it slow, take some time with this.

4. Don’t ignore the “twins.” Guys want the whole package appreciated, so be sure not to forget the testicles. His balls are very sensitive, so be very gentle with them. Licking, sucking, and kissing them is very erotic. Slowly massage them while your mouth is working the shaft.

5. Use your hands. Let both your mouth and your hands hold him. Stroke him. Most guys won’t cum unless you stroke at least a little bit. Increase the speed of your strokes as you reach the end.

The key here above anything else is to be sensual about it, and remember that every guy is different and will have different preferences. These tips are a starting point, but rest assured that these simple tips will keep your man worshiping the sex goddess that you know you are.