Aurora is my name.
I have plenty of nicknames but you can call me Rory, if you like!
The Irish leprechauns decided to adopt me a long time ago.
When I am not in the Emerald Island, I go travelling or back home.
Italy is where I come from, where my roots are.
Rome is my hometown, where I was born.
But the real home is my little world….
It is where I belong and what I write about.
My world is made of tiny little things that attempt to find a place which will make them fit.
Being a single mother in a foreign country has brought me so much to do and when someone asks me if I miss the sun, I just tell them that I don’t.
Do you want to know why?
Because I don’t really have the time to miss it.
Believe me!
Life is a series of ups and downs.
Sometimes I win and sometimes I loose,
but this is part of the game…
And I am always ready to take this game to the next level.
The only problem is…
They keep changing the rules!!